Audio Prototype Design

We need a prototype built by someone who has both audio and circuit board design experience. We have a sound frequency device that we created and is patented and been using with excellent health results for two years in Nashville. This current setup starts with WAV files (human sound) that are played through an application on a PC. The application outputs the WAV files to a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 music box which acts as the digital to analog converter. Headphones come off the Focusrite box and it also sends a signal to a Rane HC6 amp which has pads (part of our device) coming off it. There are currently 46 WAV files for the headphones (stereo) and 46 for the pads (mono). The above setup is for a commercial unit we sell into other places, and the application on the computer allows for creation of custom programs using any of the 46 WAV files. We want to create a home unit, and for this home unit we would like to get all of the current three piece setup in a one box scenario, ideally without an operating system. The home unit will have four preset programs (so no need to create custom programs), and it would just play the WAV files similar to an MP3 player and not need an operating system. As a potential extra option which is not mandatory at this point, we may want this unit to also have the capability of  connecting to a computer or phone app where new tones could be downloaded off our website. Regardless of what is decided on this, this one box would have an outlet for the headphones and 4 outlets for the pads, an LCD display that has at least 14 digits, separate volume controls for the pads and headphones. If you feel you have the capability of doing this, please email Larry Doochin at

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